Easy Set up

With just one easy step and no coding required, Postingly imports all your products with their photos and description and makes them available for posting. You can start by installing our Shopify & Tictail Apps. Afterwards, download our IOS & Andriod Apps which would save tons of time & effort from managing & updating social media.

Product Scheduling

Sharing Products with fans couldn't be any easier. After successful connection, all of your web store products are displayed in a list. Just select the one you want to share, add its caption (or copy the one suggested by us) and set its posting time. Just like that you can schedule products for the whole month in a few minutes.

New Products in Your Web Store are Scheduled Automatically

Postingly detects new products in your Shopify Store and schedules them for posting on Facebook and Twitter automatically. Our App is complaint to Facebook & twitter policy and works like a charm. An email is sent every time products are auto scheduled so that you can add their caption and approve its posting time.

Automatic daily Scheduling of products from your Web Store to Social media

If you have lots of products and don't have time to share them on regular basis with fans, then this is the best solution for you. You can create Posting rules like: "share one product every day at 6:00 pm" and Postingly would do that automatically for you. You can create as many rules as you want. For example, setting up this rule would save you tons of time: "Randomly pick products from my Web Store and share them every day on Twitter & Facebook at 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm & 9:00 pm"

Ready Made Wall Posts For Every Occasion

Social Media is a place of social engagement and your timeline must have more to offer than just Product photos & links. Which is why, we have created a huge library of Wall Post that you can use readily to engage fans. These include inspiration quotes, engaging questions and facts, Sale & discount announcement, wishing Christmas or any other major event.

Mobile Apps (Coming soon)

If Postingly Web App save you time & effort then our Mobile Apps would save you a ton more. Scheduling Products, Previewing Queues & setting up Auto Post is far easier done via a Mobile. You would also get real time updates via Push notifications as soon as products are published or when new products are ready to be published and needs your approval.

Postingly is a completely social media management solution for Web Store owners. It would save you 15 minutes of precious time every day and boost fan engagement. Works with Buffer too.

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